Kinedyne 101 Videos

Kinedyne video series teaches basics of cargo securement

Aug. 25, 2020
The company’s Cargo Securement 101 Training Videos cover product information, usage tips and guidance on straps, and more.

What type of strap is required to secure construction materials? What does a winch do and why is it important? What key components make up a tarp tie? How do you choose the right logistic strap for securing building materials?

Kinedyne’s Cargo Securement 101 Training Videos answer these questions and more while providing basic equipment information, usage tips, and general guidance on choosing the right tools for specific cargo hauling needs. The animated, two- to three-minute videos are the latest tools in the Kinedyne Cargo Securement Education Program, a series designed to keep customers and others in the trucking industry updated on load securement regulations.

Kinedyne recognizes that there are many different types of cargo securement equipment and it can be challenging for customers to know which is the best option and why. The Cargo Securement 101 Training Videos cover logistic, ratchet, winch, and utility straps, winches, chain binders, logistic track, and more. Each video provides an overview of the equipment, what it’s used for, and how it secures and protects cargo.

The videos were designed to provide free virtual training for fleets, distributors, and their employees as well as owner operators and drivers during this time when on-site training might not be available. The videos can be watched individually on demand or incorporated into a customer’s own training program and are available in English, Spanish, and coming soon in French.

“We believe it’s our responsibility to offer tools to help educate and train those in the industry about the importance of cargo securement products,” said Roger Perlstein, vice president – sales and marketing, Kinedyne. “Kinedyne offers free courses and videos like these in an effort to promote safety within the transportation industry and for the public. It’s part of our commitment to the highest levels of quality and service.”