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ASE updates Renewal App

Nov. 15, 2021
Among the updated features includes the option for employers to purchase an app subscription for their employees.

The ASE Renewal App has been updated with new features including the option for employers to purchase an app subscription for their employees.

“Additions and enhancements to the ASE Renewal App are made on a consistent basis in order to improve functionality and make it easier for automotive service professionals to renew their certifications,” said Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO. “Our most recent update allows shop owners and employers to purchase subscriptions for their employees through their myASE company account and provide them with an added benefit to help keep their A1-A9 certifications current without taking time off to visit a test center.”

By visiting the ASE website, users can review the steps to subscribe based upon their situation. Automotive service professionals can also access this page by going to and clicking on the subscribe button.

A subscription can only be purchased for employees who are not currently subscribed to the app and cannot be purchased by the employer if the employee has chosen autorenewal unless the employee removes the autorenewal request. Employers can choose autorenewal for their purchases and can remove techs individually from the autorenewal process.

The ASE Renewal App provides automotive professionals with a remote option for managing their certifications and testing their technical knowledge through an app on their phone, tablet, or computer. Subscribers earn one credit for each question they answer correctly. After earning eight credits in one certification area during the subscription period, the service professional will receive a one-year extension to that certification, allowing them to keep their certifications current without having to go to a testing center. Users must resubscribe annually to keep their ASE renewal app account active.

Since the introduction of the ASE Renewal App last year, nearly 11,000 automotive service professionals are now using the innovative application to extend their A1-A9 certifications without stepping foot in a test center. To renew, register, or learn more, visit here.