Missy Albin, International Truck and IC Bus master certified technician, Taylor and Lloyd Inc.

Women in Navistar’s service network help drive female technician recruitment

March 31, 2022
Navistar’s TECH EmPOWERment program is designed to create career paths for future techs and has focused efforts to engrain DEI standards into their recruitment.

In recognition of Women’s History Month, Navistar has highlighted several women within its International Truck and IC Bus service network who are changing the trucking service industry by championing inclusivity and equity.

According to the TechForce Foundation, around 2.5% of technicians in the United States are female. Navistar’s TECH EmPOWERment, a program designed to foster relationships between dealers and community technical schools to create career paths for future technicians, has focused their efforts to engrain diversity, equity, and inclusion standards into their recruitment.

Technician Missy Albin of Taylor and Lloyd Inc. has worked closely with the TECH EmPOWERment program to angle recruitment toward women.

“Becoming a female ambassador for Navistar’s technician recruitment efforts is amazing and I love knowing that my story could encourage another woman to follow her passion,” Albin said.

Albin, an International Truck and IC Bus master certified technician, has been working in Navistar’s service network since 2009. On top of being a recruitment ambassador, she is working to form a network of International Truck and IC Bus female technicians.

“I want to eventually build an entire network within our dealer network where we can come together as females and support each other,” Albin said. “I have found that people are supportive of this idea and I want to show everyone the positive power women can have in any industry they choose to be part of.”

In addition to female technicians, women work in all areas of Navistar’s dealer network. After serving in the United States Army for seven years as an equipment technician, Navistar helped Cassie Redman transition back to civilian life as a technician at Truck Sales and Service Inc. She later moved into a service advisor position and has commended the dealership for being flexible in allowing her to explore other career options.

“I have had countless positive experiences working closely with technicians and other dealership and service employees over the years,” Redman said. “We learn from each other and have a solid camaraderie regardless of background.”

The TECH EmPOWERment program continues to push DEI recruiting efforts through military and veteran placement programs, and Uptime Academy, a 12-month apprenticeship program sponsored by International Truck and IC Bus dealers.