Grie Complete Brake Job Final

Benefits of a complete brake job

Aug. 22, 2017
Careful attention to the complete brake system ensures top performance and safety.

The ideal goal of any brake job, both from the customer's and the technician's perspective, should be to restore the vehicle's brake system and braking performance to the same safe condition as when it left the factory. What constitutes this complete brake job will vary widely depending on the vehicle and the state of the braking system, and requires judgement calls by the technician as to what is required. This judgement call should ideally be made based upon a thorough inspection and repair process to ensure the highest quality performance and customer satisfaction. 

The following describes not just the process of doing a complete brake job, but also the rationale for doing so and benefits that can help automotive shops explain to customers why this complete brake job is so important. In doing so, shop technicians can be sure to keep customers happy and returning for future work. 

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