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2020 Tool and Shop Equipment Supplement

May 31, 2020
This exclusive supplement offers insight into tools and equipment that can help maintenance shops and technicians save time, improve work quality, and boost productivity.

Tools and equipment are the lifeblood of any shop; without them, not much work would get done. But selecting what products are right for your operation can be a challenge. Pneumatic or cordless, scan tool or code reader, budget priced or high-end ... the options are seemingly endless.

The Tool & Shop Equipment Supplement is designed to keep you up-to-date by providing a selection of the latest products from a range of top brands. Sometimes, however, product descriptions alone aren’t enough to get a feel for how the tool will actually perform, so we also include product reviews. We’ve gathered feedback from independent technicians who use these tools in the bay and put it into an easy-to-digest format, bringing you the most important details to help decide if each tool is right for your shop.

We also welcome you to find more information on the products and full length tool reviews by entering the URL below each item in your internet browser.

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