Trucksafe Consulting

Trucksafe Consulting launches compliance and training firm

July 1, 2021
The company is dedicated to helping trucking companies of all sizes navigate complex DOT regulations, highway safety issues, maintenance, and driver retention.

Trucksafe Consulting announced the launch of compliance and training services dedicated to helping trucking companies of all sizes navigate complex DOT regulations, highway safety issues, and driver retention.

Offering personalized, focused safety and compliance consulting, as well as a comprehensive library of on-demand educational and training videos via its Trucksafe Academy, Trucksafe’s partnership-based approach is meant to give fleets of all sizes, from single-truck owner-operators to enterprise carriers, a modern solution to ensure safety of their drivers and fleet—and to avoid expensive and unnecessary DOT audits and citations.

“There’s been a gap in DOT training for too long, when it comes to comprehensive regulatory training—as opposed to defensive driving or workforce safety—for safety managers and drivers,” said Brandon Wiseman, founder and president of Trucksafe Consulting. “We’re not out to be another large, faceless consulting corporation. We want to meet carriers where they are and provide them with a tailored and modern solution that works best for their fleet and their personnel to keep them compliant and out of the crosshairs of the DOT and plaintiffs’ bar.”

Trucksafe’s mission is to help motor carriers earn and maintain Satisfactory safety ratings, improve CSA scores and SMS rankings, and bolster fleets’ ability to manage and train drivers, dispatchers, and safety managers. By achieving those goals, trucking companies can ensure a good working relationship with shipper and broker customers, avoid being targeted for DOT audits, reduce driver turnover, reduce the likelihood of facing “nuclear” court verdicts, and keep climbing insurance costs in check.

“Our goal is to help fleets develop state-of-the-art safety programs to avoid violations that can lead to Conditional and Unsatisfactory safety ratings, keep their trucks running by warding off out-of-service orders, save them the time and money in dealing with DOT enforcement—and most importantly, to make U.S. highways safer for fleets, truck drivers, and the public at large,” said Wiseman.

In addition to working with fleets to develop realistic and customized safety plans, Trucksafe performs various levels of mock audits to reveal weak spots before the DOT does, aids in reversing erroneous records via DataQs appeals, offers a full catalog of downloadable DOT compliance forms, and educates fleets through its library of both free and paid on-demand videos. These services guide fleets toward building a robust safety program and establishing a fleet-wide culture of safety.

Also, via Trucksafe Academy, fleets have access to in-depth, video-based on-demand training courses that drivers and other personnel can watch on their own schedule, on whatever device suits them—laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Trucksafe Academy courses are intuitive, easy to follow, and include training on driver qualifications, hours of service, vehicle maintenance, DOT registration, truck markings, and much more. These innovative courses, designed to efficiently bring fleets up to speed on their regulatory obligations, feature interactive graphics, informational electronic handouts, quizzes, and completion certificates for fleets to track progress and assign additional lessons as needed.