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Top 10 Tools: Mike Reynolds, Mobile Automotive Service Solutions

June 15, 2018
This Charleston, South Carolina-based mobile tech shares his top tools.

Technician’s Name: Mike Reynolds

Shop: Mobile Automotive Service Solutions (MASS)

Location: Charleston, SC

Mike Reynolds is an ASE Master Technician (A1-A9, X1) and an advanced-level specialist in engine performance and hybrid/electric vehicles. Reynolds is a diagnostic specialist who has focused his career on electrical and computer diagnostics during his 12 years in the automotive aftermarket repair industry.

“I attended an average of 45 training hours per year to become proficient in vehicle diagnostics,” he says.

Reynolds is the owner of Mobile Automotive Service Solutions, a programming, diagnostics and training company. Through his work with the Elite Technician Group, Reynolds is focusing on training and certifying technicians with the long-term goal of solving the technician shortage. 

1. Snap-on Tools Flat Tip Pocket Screwdriver

This screwdriver offers a magnet on the handle and a pocket clip. “This is the most-used tool I have ever owned,” Reynolds says. “Whether I clumsily dropped a bolt under an intake manifold or I need to remove the locking connectors on a harness connector, it is a must-have on my shirt.”

2. Power Probe 3S

The Power Probe 3S is a digital voltmeter designed to simplify testing of fuse boxes and verify correct operation of motors, lights, relays and wires. Reynolds appreciates the simplicity and size of this tool, and notes that the banana jacks are great for switching leads quickly.

3. AESwave uTest, No. 16-200

“I use this daily,” Reynolds says. “The kit comes with airbag resistors as well as a variety of other probes. It also doubles as a drag tester used to check pin fitment.”

4. Snap-on VERUS Edge

The Snap-on VERUS Edge offers a fully-integrated software suite that includes diagnostics, component tests, expert information resources, a complete repair information system and vehicle data manager. Reynolds says this has been his go-to diagnostic tool for many years.

5. Makita 18V Cordless Hybrid Four-Function Impact-Hammer-Driver-Drill

This product offers four functions in one tool. “As far as time saving, this has been the number one most profitable tool I’ve owned,” Reynolds says. “It is ridiculously durable.”

6. AE Tools & Computers SA14 I7 Durabook Laptop

“This laptop is great for programming,” Reynolds notes. “It allows multiple manufacturers’ software to run on one unit, and their support is top notch.”

7. Electronic Specialties Premium Automotive Meter, No. 597

This auto-ranging DMM is designed for advanced automotive troubleshooting, the company says. Reynolds appreciates that this tool is small and easy to use. “It is also the only multimeter in its class with the capability to measure dwell,” he adds.

8. Lang Tools Retractable Banana Test Lead Set, No. 1176

“I have a few of these retractable test lead sets, but the banana jack set works great for scoping wires underhood during a test drive,” Reynolds says. “Because the wires are retractable, 30’ of wire can be easily stored right in your toolbox drawer.”

9. Lisle Master Relay and Fused Circuit Test Kit

This kit includes eight fixed relay test jumpers that work like back probes. Reynolds says this kit makes relay testing easy, and notes that it comes with relay pliers and other useful accessories.

10. Snap-on Ball Peen Hammer, No. HBBD40

The HBBD40 has a soft grip handle with ribbed, textured elastomer grip to help prevent the hand from slipping while using this tool during tough jobs. “If I can’t fix it or figure it out with the above listed, this will take care of it,” Reynolds says.

About the Author

Stefanie Von Rueden | Assistant Editor - Vehicle Repair Group

Stefanie Von Rueden is assistant editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

Von Rueden’s background includes professional writing and publishing. Previously, she worked in the Continuing Education department at UW-Whitewater. She has covered the vehicle maintenance and automotive aftermarket since 2016.

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