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Mitchell 1 offers shops solution to bad Google reviews

Aug. 11, 2022
Mitchell 1 adds exclusive Google ReScore feature to SocialCRM shop marketing service.

Are you tired of seeing bad reviews for your shop on Google? Mitchell1 has a new solution.

The company has added an exclusive new Google ReScore feature to its SocialCRM LocalSearch program that gives automotive repair shops a way to effectively handle bad reviews while building customer trust and loyalty. ReScore empowers shop owners to transform those not-so-great reviews into positive customer experiences.

“Managing bad Google reviews is not about simply deleting the review; that doesn’t help anyone,” says Marcus Mackell, SocialCRM market manager, Mitchell 1. “It’s about recognizing the customer’s concern, resolving it and having the customer share that resolved experience with everyone. The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM shop marketing service can help mitigate those bad review concerns.”

Using the SureCritic review service, shops can now easily link to their Google My Business page to create a seamless connection for managing their Google reviews directly through their SureCritic dashboard. Shop owners are able to respond to every Google review. If they get a bad one, they can send a ReScore request directly to the customer, asking them for an updated review. Once the updated review is received, the new review will replace the bad review online.

“Auto repair shops that want to grow their business need to prioritize their online reviews," Mackell says. "They can either sink with negative feedback, or they can leverage positive customer reviews to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Online reviews not only help set the tone for a shop’s overall reputation, but they also affect the business revenue and search engine optimization (SEO). With exceptional SEO, shops can increase their visibility and outrank their competitors on search results.”

With the new Google ReScore feature, shops will benefit from the positive customer experience and higher Google rating, and every customer that views the shop’s Google Business Profile only sees the updated positive review.

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