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Tavant partners with Daimler Truck for service management

Oct. 31, 2022
Daimler Truck and Tavant have partnered to create a more seamless warranty-management system for the OEM, but that doesn't mean that fleets shouldn't remain thorough before submitting their claims.

Warranty claims are a critical, but often tenuous, part of the fleet maintenance industry, with some estimating that fraudulent warranty returns cost auto parts stores over $600 million per year. However, Tavant and Daimler Truck have now partnered to create an easy platform for Daimler assets to manage their warranty information and claim requests for their European brands.

Going forward, Tavant will cover 180 markets and over 40,000 users, says the company, impacting both those who use Daimler Truck equipment and Daimler Truck employees.

On Daimler Truck’s end, Travant will provide warranty administration services that will include monitoring polices, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration, and claims processing.

For end users, they will now have a singular platform that covers submission, receiving warranty credits, coverage validation, and recovery processes.

But the ease of filing a claim shouldn’t stop fleets from using best practices to manage their warranties. Especially for those with multiple locations, having a united management system is critical so that repeat repairs and part replacements aren’t hindering future claims processing.

“Even if you’re tracking warranty in an internal Fleet Maintenance System (FMS),” said Michael Riemer, former vice president of products and channel marketing for Decisiv. “You face challenges because those systems are not always up-to-date when it comes to warranty information, especially for repairs done by outside service providers, as well as for having ready access to warranty provisions and coverages.”

Ensuring that there’s clear communication between the fleet and service providers is also critical so that everyone involved has access to the warranty information they need. This plays into ensuring that reporting standards are consistent and continual throughout the process before shops go to use Tavant’s platform.

“Upon deployment, Tavant Warranty will enable seamless integration with all back-end and front-end systems, bring in workflow automation, better configurability, and amplify productivity,” said Vikas Khosla, Chief Revenue Officer, Hitech, Tavant. “This alliance opens the pathway to great synergy for accelerating the pace of service innovation.” 

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