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Miller Electric announces Insight Centerpoint 10

Oct. 25, 2019
Insight Centerpoint 10 includes an updated user interface and new software features designed for ease of use and faster startup time.

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC. released an updated version of Insight Centerpoint weld data monitoring software. Centerpoint 10 is designed for greater ease of use, faster startup time, and a drastically shortened learning curve.

Offering guidance and control within the weld cell, Insight Centerpoint helps operations detect missed welds, verify proper weld sequences, and ensure consistent weld quality in manufacturing applications such as heavy equipment, agriculture, and transportation.

“Centerpoint 10 includes a completely new interface to enhance the capabilities for navigation and self-discovery of features - making the software easier to use,” says Jason Bonnell, product manager, Miller Insight Welding Intelligence.

The improved interface results in faster setup time and includes a customizable operator interface that shows information relevant to the user across all screen sizes.

Enhanced capabilities of the software include the following:

  • Drag and drop part creation eliminates dialogue boxes when importing digital assets such as videos, pictures, documents, and other media. Drag and drop into the Centerpoint media manager. Also, users can create a part completely within the Centerpoint program - eliminating the need to create the part outside of the program and import it in.
  • Slide master allows users to create a customizable theme slide that applies across all slides, which saves time when large changes are required.
  • Centralized database allows users to create parts and jobs to be done from their office and deploy the updates to the shop floor without traveling to the weld cell.
  • Integrated reports, an improved built-in reporting tool that displays productivity and quality data, as well as welder activities, are viewable by device or by individual operator.
  • Browser based reporting allows anyone within the enterprise to view the weld quality and productivity data collected from the welding operation through Centerpoint software on a localized server.
  • Job tracking records all activities that go into the creation of a welded product. A browser-based user interface eliminates the need for a PC in the workstation, allowing an operator to easily record everything that goes into creating a part, such as base material and filler metal type.

Insight Centerpoint 10 also includes many software features from the previous version. Part Tracking technology provides real-time operator feedback to prevent missed welds, ensure accurate weld sequence, and confirm proper welding parameters. WorkFlow technology enables users to present electronic work instructions for pre-, intra-, and post-weld activities using video, PDF, and many other digital documents for consistent standardized production from every operator. 

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