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Miller Insight Core software now universally compatible

Oct. 25, 2019
ArcAgent for Insight Core is a cloud-based system that delivers a full understanding of a company’s welding productivity and quality metrics.

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC. announced ArcAgent for Insight Core, an addition to its fleet of universal weld data monitoring solutions. ArcAgent for Insight Core is a cloud-based system that delivers a full understanding of a company’s welding productivity and quality metrics.

“This brand-neutral solution brings the benefits of Miller Insight Core software to any machine - new or old - in a company’s welding fleet for a complete picture of productivity,” said Jason Bonnell, product manager of Miller Insight Welding Intelligence solutions. “This opens the door for full reporting on a shop floor even with a mixed fleet.”

The ArcAgent for Insight Core system uses either a wired or wireless internet connection to communicate to the cloud. The system has the ability via external sensors to monitor voltage, current, two wire feed speeds, and gas flow, which allows for complete analysis of an operation based on its established productivity and quality goals. Like all Insight Core systems, there are no required data or maintenance fees.

ArcAgent solutions, the devices that enable weld data software integration with any brand of welding power source, previously were available only with Miller Insight Centerpoint software. This new offering expands the ArcAgent family of products, making the cloud-based Insight Core solution available for any power source.

Insight Core systems feature:

  • Productivity dashboard, providing instant visibility of arc-on time and wire deposition by location, work cell, power source, or operator.
  • Quality dashboard, for analysis and reporting of all welds, revealing when quality fails to meet established thresholds for amps, volts, and wire feed speed.
  • Goals dashboard, which shows progress toward continuous improvement goals set for improving arc-on time, deposition rates, and arc starts.
  • Analytics tools allowing for weld data analysis based on individual/cell performance as well as seeing a welding operation from a financial point of view.
  • Notifications by email based on desired frequency and subject.

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