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Certified access on Bosch diagnostic tools for Secure Gateway Module on 2018 and newer FCA vehicles

Nov. 12, 2019
The SGW unlock feature for its lineup of ADS 325 and ADS 625 scan tools will be with the forthcoming ADS 4.0 software update.

Bosch announced that its aftermarket diagnostic scan tools are certified by FCA U.S. to access the Secure Gateway Module (SGW) on many 2018 and newer FCA vehicles. The SGW unlock feature for its lineup of ADS 325 and ADS 625 scan tools will be with the forthcoming ADS 4.0 software update.

SGW was developed to keep vehicle communication networks secure and protect electronic control modules from being exposed to potential hacking. 

Until now, only the FCA U.S. dealership diagnostic tool has supported scan tool authentication. Bosch first introduced access to the SGW in May 2019 on its platforms as a beta test with the version 3.7 software release. The beta test allowed technicians and shop owners to follow the FCA prescribed method by legally and quickly diagnosing all vehicles equipped with the SGW seamlessly and within seconds.

The SGW changes how certain aftermarket diagnostics functions work, including those that require performing actions or changes to the vehicle systems. Clearing codes, relearns, actuations, and adjustments, now require the diagnostic tool to complete an authentication process and SGW unlock before performing these functions. Other diagnostic functions such as reading codes or live data are not impacted.

To access the SGW on Bosch certified scan tools, technicians and shop owners will upgrade their diagnostic scan tool software to version 4.0 or higher and have their ADS scan tool connected to a secure internet connection.

Access to FCA’s Secure Gateway Module will also be available on both the OTC Encore and Evolve scan tools when upgraded to version 4.0, authorized account access, and secure internet connection.

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