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Fleetio launches asset management solution

Jan. 11, 2021
Equipment Management tracks small equipment and data such as purchase information, location, assignment, and status.

Fleetio launched Equipment Management, an add-on solution that empowers users to centralize their small equipment and tools alongside their vehicles and improve accountability across their teams. Whether fleet teams are having difficulties managing their small equipment and tools or simply keeping tabs on who is responsible for those assets, Fleetio can now make their job easier.

Fleetio Equipment Management eliminates the need to track small equipment in disparate systems or spreadsheets and offers a centralized software for all fleet assets. Important data such as equipment purchase information, location, assignment, and status are all a click away, giving users a holistic view of their assets. The solution is purpose-built for all types of job-critical small equipment and tools, giving organizations across industries the ability to centralize and manage these high value assets.

“In addition to traditional on-road vehicles and other rolling assets, we know our customers also have small equipment and tools they use day-in, day-out to do their jobs, and these assets are often difficult to manage,” said Tony Summerville, founder and CEO, Fleetio. “We’re excited to bring a modern approach to equipment management to our customers, allowing them to easily centralize all assets, create better accountability among their teams, and make better business decisions.”

Equipment Management enables users to visualize a complete audit trail of responsibility and link equipment to the vehicles they travel in each day. Equipment can be quickly checked in and out so others can clearly see availability, understand when equipment is due back, and see who is responsible in case an item is broken or cannot be located.

Equipment Management is also available in Fleetio Go, the company’s mobile app which is free for all Fleetio customers, so fleet managers can empower their crews to quickly identify, search for and check in/out equipment from anywhere. Barcode scanning and NFC technology are also supported in Fleetio.