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Lytx offers two fleet maintenance features for light-duty fleets

July 13, 2021
Features include Diagnostic Trouble Codes, to notify users when something is wrong, and Preventative Maintenance, an asset management and service scheduling tool.

Lytx, a provider of machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered all-in-one video telematics, analytics, productivity, and safety solutions for fleets of all sizes and types, announced two new fleet technology solutions: Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Preventative Maintenance.

Consistent with the company’s focus on continuous innovation and providing best-in-class solutions, the new Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and Preventative Maintenance features are now available for small- to medium-sized businesses with light-duty fleets. These features are included in Lytx’s Fleet Tracking Service, with data collected using the Lytx DriveCam device via an Engine Control Module (ECM) cable with no extra equipment and at no additional charge.

“Fleets today must juggle multiple siloed technologies, making the task of running their businesses more complex than it needs to be,” said Rajesh Rudraradhya, Lytx’s chief technology officer. “At Lytx, we're working to connect the data that is in different systems to give customers what they need in one control pane within the Lytx portal. This gives clients the power to focus on what matters—saving time, reducing costs, and delivering the best for their customers.”

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Notifying clients when something is wrong, DTCs help enable faster resolution of maintenance issues and reduce vehicle down time. This feature covers thousands of vehicle maintenance issues and surfaces diagnostic trouble via a DTC Insights Overview on the client’s Lytx online dashboard and email notifications. As DTCs are resolved, they are automatically removed from the Insights Overview. Reports can be downloaded as a CSV file for use with other departments, such as vehicle repair teams, who may not have access to the Lytx program.

With visibility to these issues, potential problems can be addressed before they become more costly. For additional information on how this feature works, view this video.

Preventative Maintenance

This feature helps fleet managers set up regular service intervals, proactively maintaining vehicles to keep them running safely and efficiently, avoiding downtime, and extending the life of their assets. The feature provides an online dashboard to manage service, listed by due date. Through the dashboard’s interface, fleet managers can create services and configure odometer-based service intervals, enter details about the service needed and how it was completed, plus vehicle services by date, vehicle type or group, and the complete service history, including notes. As with DTCs, preventative maintenance reports can be downloaded as a CSV file for use with other teams who may not have access to the Lytx program. To learn more about how the Preventative Maintenance feature works, watch this video.

“Maintenance costs are one of the most often-cited and top expenses for truck fleets,” said Jim Brady, Lytx vice president of product management. “On top of that, a vehicle that’s not out in the field working can critically impact productivity, profitability, and customer service. Our new maintenance management features help fleets ensure their vehicles receive the required maintenance service. We’re proud to offer these features at no additional charge to clients who subscribe to our Fleet Tracking Service.”

Both new features are available now for light-duty fleets equipped with the Lytx DriveCam SF64 device, or more recent device models, and an OBD-II ECM cable. These features will be available later in the year for heavy-duty fleets.