Service with a Purpose

June 4, 2012
Service Management solution from Ryder Fuel Services is designed to ease the burden on companies that must keep their fueling systems operating 24/7/365.

Imagine it's a cold day in January, you leave the house for work, get into your car and it won't start. Or, the temperature is approaching 100 degrees in July, you go to turn on the air conditioning and nothing happens. Let's say you sit down at your computer, ready to cruise the Internet, and it makes a loud popping noise before the screen goes blank.

The reality is that our daily lives are filled with a wide variety of machines and other pieces of equipment that we know how to basically operate, but couldn't fix in a pinch if our lives depended on it. When these breakdowns occur, often the only resort is to turn to the phone book, hoping that we can find a knowledgeable person who can fix the problem both quickly and cost-effectively.

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