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Don’t put the brakes on COVID-19 protection

Nov. 30, 2020
By sticking to the CDC safety protocols, we can minimize the resurgence of this virus and get through to the other side of the pandemic safely.

When we first learned about the COVID-19 virus, I believe all of us hoped it would be a short-lived phenomenon. So, most of us followed the prescribed protocols of wearing masks when we were at work or out and about and maintaining proper social distancing i.e. six feet distance between us. Many businesses shut down temporarily and when they reopened some of them looked quite different. In place were plexiglass shield barriers, limits to the number of people who could be in the building at the same time, and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocols. There were even limits put on our places of worship.

Now I am hearing stories of “COVID fatigue.” People say they are tired of wearing masks and gloves and of continuously sanitizing surfaces in common work areas. In addition, we are seeing people congregating in larger groups and in some cases ignoring the recommended social distancing guidelines.

This is happening at the same time we are experiencing a surge in the number of reported COVID-19 cases. In November we hit the record for the number of people hospitalized from this virus. Health experts are saying that this new wave of the virus is more widespread and bigger than what we saw earlier this year. There is also concern that the number of reported cases will go up even further as the holiday season approaches and people gather to celebrate.

Now is the time for business owners and managers to remain vigilant, re-emphasize the protocols that have been put in place, and insist that our employees wear masks and gloves and that we continue to sanitize and use disinfectant sprays throughout our facilities. Now is not the time to allow people delivering products to our locations to come inside the facilities. Keep up the protocol of having packages dropped outside and having your own employees bring them inside.

We need to continue to limit contact with others and as awkward as that can be, virtual meetings are still the way to go. Why risk the health of your employees, suppliers, and customers in face-to-face meetings when you can accomplish your goals virtually?

Yes, I am aware that not all business can be conducted virtually. For those times when people do need to be in close proximity, follow the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control. Basically, I am suggesting we listen to folks like Dr. Anthony Fauci and follow their advice.

Now is not the time to put the brakes on your efforts to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Together we can minimize the resurgence of this virus and get through to the other side safely.

About the Author

Joseph Evangelist

Joseph is a seasoned transportation executive with domestic and international experience in sales, operations, mergers and acquisition with heavy emphasis on post-acquisition assimilation planning to maximize new growth and business combination opportunities.

He joined Transervice in 2007 and currently serves as executive vice president with sales, operations and staff responsibilities. He is also heavily involved in new business development and account management. 

Previously he was president of LLT International, Inc., an international transportation consulting firm with operations in the U.S. and the Far East. He oversaw the maintenance and fleet management of a 2,000-vehicle cement distribution fleet in Indonesia. 

Joseph was also president and CEO of Lend Lease Trucks Inc., a truck rental, leasing and dedicated carriage firm with operations throughout the U.S. 

He also was vice president/general manager of The Hertz Corporation – Truck Division, a subsidiary of The Hertz Corp. While there he participated in the acquisition and successful integration of the Canadian licensee operations.

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