Photo: Bosch

Bosch released 133 automotive aftermarket parts in 2022

Oct. 11, 2022
The U.S.-based subsidiary of the German company produced multiple aftermarket parts, particularly in the braking and pump sectors.

In 2022, Bosch has added 133 automotive aftermarket parts to their portfolio, covering 34 million vehicles in North America, the company stated.

Of their new products, Bosch claims that their parts cover domestic, European, and Asian passenger and commercial vehicles, encompassing 42 new braking parts, 41 fuel and water pumps, 24 cooling fans, seven rotating machines, nine spark plugs, two electronic stability programs (ESP), one ignition coil, seven fuel injectors, and 18 sensors.

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Brake products

Specifically, Bosch’s new braking parts include Bosch Police Pursuit brake pads, featuring a longer service life and improved pedal responsiveness for dynamic law enforcement vehicles. The company has also released QuietCast Disc Brake Pads for the “generalist,” their site states, and Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads, which can function for Asian, European, domestic, and heavy-duty assets.


As the inventor of automotive oxygen sensors, Bosch also released 17 new version of the original model. The newer versions improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and monitor the oxygen-fuel ratio in an asset’s exhaust, all while remaining easy to install. Additionally, the company produced an additional crankshaft sensor that detects the engine speed to improve ignition timing.

Ignition coil

While Bosch only released one equipment ignition coil this year, its precise, corrosion-resistant connections were built to increase its lifespan and can cover most Ford makes and models.

Spark plugs

Bosch’s nine new EVO, Bosch, and Bosch Copper with Nickel spark plugs feature iridium alloy pins and a platinum-iridium alloy plate to resist overall wear and tear. Additionally, they include improved insulation and housing and strength to increase their lifespans.

Rotating machines

Throughout 2022, Bosch released seven new rotating machines, covering 1.2 million vehicles across the U.S. and Canada, the company said. As with the spark plugs, the rotating machines were built for durability and longevity.

Fuel injectors

Also the innovator of mechanical gasoline direct injection mechanisms in automobiles, Bosch has now developed seven Bosch GDI Fuel Injectors which can replace many domestic, Asian, and European fuel injectors. The company has stated that the fuel injector can also enable engine downsizing while still providing the exact flow and original spray pattern of the original part.

Cooling fans

Bosch released six new cooling fans over the course of 2022, covering almost 1.2 million vehicles, providing quieter cooling for domestic vehicles that might not be serviceable under warranty, but can still function in the independent aftermarket.

ESP Units

Bosch’s new ESP units, which are comprised of two new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Body Electronics Line ESP Hydraulic Units, can cover multiple Audi vehicles. The Bosch ESP Hydraulic Units can also replace the original parts without altering the fitment.

Fuel & Water Pumps

Finally, Bosch produced 41 new fuel pumps this year. These include GDI High Pressure Pumps, Bosch Electric Fuel Pumps, Bosch Auxiliary Water Pumps, and more. All are intended to handle long years of service and are easy to install and drivability. The Bosch Auxiliary Water Pump also has a sealed pump chamber, independent heating systems, and cabin heat control that is compatible with electric and hybrid vehicles.