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International eMV Series deliveries applications expand as partnerships, deliveries grow

July 11, 2022
In full production since August 2021, the battery-electric eMV Series provides a flexible design offering a wide variety of spec'ing options to serve various markets.

Navistar's International eMV Series has been in full production since last August, and customers and partners are finding the battery-electric medium-duty truck provides a flexible design that has offers a wide variety of specification options to serve various markets. The use cases are also expanding.

“Although the medium-duty electric truck segment has focused on box trucks and pick-up and delivery applications, we have been able to go beyond expectations and meet customer needs in other segments,” said Debbie Shust, Navistar's VP for medium-duty truck. “Body upfitters are taking on the challenge of seeing what can work on an electric vehicle, and our International eMV Series has become a successful demonstration of chassis integration serving various markets.”

Recent vehicle deliveries over the past several months demonstrate the scope and variety of applications where the eMV Series electric vehicles (EVs) have been deployed. These include:

  • On June 6, Terex Utilities, a manufacturer of materials processing machinery and aerial work platforms, announced the industry’s first all-electric bucket truck mounted on an eMV Series chassis. The vehicle boasts a 135-mile driving range and enough battery power to run the bucket for a full day’s work.
    • “This partnership with Navistar to utilize the International eMV Series allows us to deliver an all-electric bucket truck that supports distribution line service two years ahead of industry projections,” said Joe Caywood, director of marketing and product support, Terex Utilities. “This solution will help many of our customers’ electrification and sustainability goals.”
  • Navistar has partnered with Morgan Truck Body, LLC to release a prototype dry freight cargo van body integrated on an eMV Series chassis. The prototype vehicle offers reduced weight and improved aerodynamics to further the performance of the eMV Series chassis and powertrain.
    • “The integration between a Morgan van body and a Navistar chassis demonstrates a commitment to providing customers innovative EV solutions, both from an OEM and a truck body builder perspective,” said Tom Diez, SVP of sales and marketing, Morgan Truck Body.
  • Penske Truck Leasing became Navistar’s first U.S. eMV Series customer, purchasing multiple vehicles to continue its commitment to zero-emissions technology. Penske integrated the EVs into its fleet to provide real-world feedback regarding performance. Navistar delivered the vehicles in April 2022.
  • Canadian utility provider ENMAX purchased two eMV Series trucks to join its fleet of mobile command centers as part of a pilot program. The program is the first of its kind in the Canadian market, focused on cutting fuel costs and determining the cost efficiency of EVs.
  • Altec, a truck equipment manufacturer (TEM) serving the utility and contractor markets, took delivery of an eMV Series chassis upfitted with an Altec TA-60 body. This vehicle will serve the public utility market.

Navistar partners continue to showcase the versatility of the eMV Series in additional applications including a stake body from Knapheide and a stake dump body from TBEI Rugby.

The International and IC Bus dealer network is committed to preparing customers for the transition to electric vehicles through a comprehensive certification process. Certified EV dealers have a committed team that works together with Navistar’s NEXT eMobility Solutions team to help customers through every step of EV adoption.

Navistar provides end-to-end guidance for charging infrastructure, route mapping, grant applications, connected solutions, and any other electric vehicle needs a customer requires.

“The relationships Navistar’s engineering and NEXT eMobility Solutions teams have made with customers and partners highlights the success of collaboration in deploying unique and real-world applications of EVs,” said Jason Gies, VP, eMobility Business Development.