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Goodyear adds more durable, fuel-efficient Cooper Regional Tire

July 11, 2023
Goodyear's Cooper WORK Series product line has a new entry in its Regional Haul Trailer 2 tire, which is intended trailer applications.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has expanded its Cooper Work Series truck tire line with the new Work Series Regional Haul Trailer (RHT) 2. 

The RHT 2 tires come in eight sizes and features a 26/32nds-deep open shoulder drive tread design for even treadwear and high scrub resistance. Composed of a low rolling resistance, high scrub, cut-resistant tread compound, the tire is SmartWay Verified and exhibits the efficiency and durability for regional haul trailer tire applications. 

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"The new Cooper WORK Series RHT 2 provides durability that helps deliver performance and efficiency, regardless of the type of route required on the job," said Goodyear officials in a release.

Coming in 8 different sizes, the RHT 2 tires are designed for regional haul spread axle and tandem trailers and features four heavy-duty, full-width steel belt construction that will help preserve the tire's casing for retreading. Additionally, the RHT 2 includes a sidewall curb guard protection to minimize tearing and chunking, especially while executing tight turns, as well as a wear square visual indicator to help technicians determine the remaining tread on a tire and identify any alignment issues.

“Dependability and durability are top-of-mind for fleet operators when choosing a tire that meets the unique demands of regional trailer tire applications,” said Tom Lippello, senior director, Commercial Marketing, Goodyear North America. 

To guarantee this, the RHT 2 also offers a full replacement value warranty for the first 50% of treadwear.

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