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2021 03 29 Schuster

ZF announces first order of latest generation MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes

March 30, 2021
100 Navistar International trucks outfitted with fifth-generation MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes were delivered to Schuster Co.

ZF announced the first delivery of Navistar International LT series trucks equipped with WABCO MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes to Schuster Co. The U.S. refrigerated trucking fleet began taking delivery of 100 trucks in January 2021, selecting MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes for its proven reliability, ease of maintenance, and uptime advantages.

“We are proud to be selected by Schuster, a fleet recognized for safety and an early adopter of air disc brake technology,” said Julien Plenchette, vice president, ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems, Americas. “The benefits of air disc brakes have long been recognized by the commercial vehicle industry for their shorter stopping distances and consistent braking performance. As the lightest truck air disc brake in the North American market, MAXXUS L2.0 is designed with fewer parts and includes features that can provide faster serviceability, helping support vehicle uptime.”

Now in its fifth generation, the MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes is engineered with the fleet owner in mind and offers clear advantages and value, including:

  • Easier maintenance: Up to 50 percent fewer parts, designed to reduce complexity and can lead to faster, easier maintenance to help keep trucks out of the shop and on the road.
  • Improved fleet and safety performance: Advanced adjuster mechanism capable to maintain an improved running clearance – even in extreme conditions – minimizing the risk of hot runners and can be an ideal solution when safety performance is a consideration.
  • Improved driver retention and comfort: Less chatter and virtually no pulling or fading can provide more consistent performance, even in extreme downhill or wet road conditions, which can combine to provide greater comfort and improved driver response.
To date, more than 8 million WABCO air disc brake units have been sold globally.

MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes are manufactured at ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems facility in Charleston, South Carolina. In 2017, the air disc brakes production was localized, with a $20 million investment in the facility, which also manufactures compressed air management products and various braking system components to regional truck and trailer OEs.

“For more than five years, ZF (formerly WABCO) technology has served our fleet well – from the reliability of the product to the ongoing support and training of our technician teams,” said Aaron Weiland, director of maintenance, Schuster Co. “Schuster completes all maintenance in-house, so maximizing uptime and spec’ing durable products is an absolute must – we are confident MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes will deliver on all promises.”

Schuster Co. is a 65-year-old family-owned and -operated company based in northwest Iowa. It is a leader in refrigerated trucking transportation and product distribution with 450 tractors and more than 1,000 trailers delivering more than 250,000 tons of freight annually across the lower 48 U.S. states and parts of Canada.

The MAXXUS L2.0-outfitted Navistar trucks were delivered by Cornhusker International Truck, a full-service dealer network with locations throughout Nebraska and Iowa. The dealership is leading the charge in converting drum brakes to MAXXUS air disc brakes. “To date, we have converted six fleets to WABCO air disc brakes from drum,” said Stu Betsworth, truck sales representative, Cornhusker International Trucks. “The reasons are obvious and simple – reliability, warranty, and competitive pricing.”