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J.J. Keller debuts Video Review Service

Sept. 25, 2023
J.J. Keller's new service provides company experts to review a fleet's dash camera footage for risky behaviors and event management, including training and reporting.

J.J. Keller has released a new dash camera feature, the Video Review Service. While dash cameras can provide exonerating evidence and helpful training tips for drivers, fleet managers may not always have time to review all of the footage that their cameras produce. J.J. Keller’s new service allows the company’s experts to review a fleet’s dash cam videos and notify them of the riskiest behaviors and recommend corrective driver action.

“Our service provides support and expertise to keep carriers from getting stuck in the weeds of video event management,” said Kevin Krull, director of client success - Technology Solutions, J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. “They can focus on their drivers and business while our team works on reviewing footage and supporting fleet safety.”

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Along with advising fleets on risky driver behaviors, the Video Review Service provides the following services:

  • Review, prioritization and communication of riskiest driving behaviors, including screening of false positive events
  • Access to J. J. Keller Corrective Action Training
  • Event scoring using J. J. Keller's best practice processes
  • Recordkeeping and reporting functions, including review notes, scoring, and event dispositions
  • Driver training recommendations
  • Establishment and ongoing monitoring of camera hardware and event trigger settings

J.J. Keller’s Video Review Service is available to Encompass Video Event Management System subscribers and VideoProtects Video Event Management System clients.

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