Valspar expands automotive refinish coatings production capacity

May 30, 2017
The sites’ expansion is part of the final stages of integrating the automotive refinish coatings business of Quest Specialty Chemicals, which Valspar acquired in June 2015.

The Valspar Corporation has expanded production capacity of its automotive refinish coatings products at U.S.-based manufacturing facilities. Recent technology and equipment upgrades at locations in Garland, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have increased manufacturing volumes, and filling and storage capacity for select brands within the Valspar Automotive portfolio, including: DeBeer Refinish, Valspar Refinish, Prospray Finishes and Matrix Automotive Finishes.

New technology and equipment automates a number of processes and delivers immediate and greater efficiency, as well as enhanced quality control, faster filling and mixing times, safer workplaces, and more environmentally-friendly practices, the company said. 

“Not only are we producing the necessary volume to serve customers and the growing market, but we’re improving ergonomics and overall safety protocols for our employees,” said Dave Brunori, business director, Valspar Automotive, North America.

Expansions at the Garland and Pittsburgh sites represent a $10 million project—the largest of its kind by Valspar Automotive to date.

The added production capacity will result in a 200 percent increase in output of automotive refinish brands, according to the company.

“The stage is set for our commercial organization to deliver products on time and at the required level of quality to grow our business over the next five years,” Brunori said.

As a result of both east and west expansion projects, Valspar Automotive has not only increased production in North America, but also storage space by approximately 300 percent.

“With automated, in-line equipment there’s little-to-no manual intervention in the production process, improving consistency in filling and packaging cans,” said Sue Byrne, global director of supply chain at Valspar Automotive.

The Garland facility alone went from filling 450,000 cans to 1.3 million annually, with the capability to grow to more than three million.

In Pittsburgh, activator and hardener production has nearly doubled. “We’re filling more cans and we’re doing it more efficiently,” Byrne said.

The sites’ expansion is part of the final stages of integrating the automotive refinish coatings business of Quest Specialty Chemicals, which Valspar acquired in June 2015. Valspar has consolidated all of its automotive coatings research and development, manufacturing and distribution at three “Centers of Excellence” — Garland, Pittsburgh and Massillon, Ohio.

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