Image courtesy of Kenworth
Kenworth T370

Kenworth introduces new options for T270 and T370 trucks

Aug. 27, 2020
The roll-back flatbed application, CX chrome round convex mirrors, and the Bendix side object detection system are available for the medium duty conventional trucks.

Kenworth offers new options for Kenworth T270 and T370 medium duty conventional trucks.

The roll-back flatbed application is now an approved body type for use with the proven Kenworth AG210L single-axle rear suspension on the T270 and T370. The Kenworth AG210L is a 21,000-lb rated highway, two-bag, rear air suspension that features a proven trailing arm design and provides a smooth ride.

The T270 and T370 also add CX chrome round convex mirrors as an option. The driver and passenger side hood-mounted convex mirrors provide an enhanced side view and help to eliminate blind corners.

The Kenworth T270 and T370 also offer an updated version of the optional, Bendix side object detection system. Changes include increased field of view and enhanced detection. The detection range is now up to 20’ forward and 20’ backward from the sensor’s location. The system also adds stationary object filtering when at speeds above 20 mph.

According to Bendix, its driver assistance technologies are designed to complement safe drivers, safe driving practices, and proactive driver training programs, not replace them. Responsibility for the safe operation of the vehicle remains with the driver at all times.

The T270, a true Class 6 vehicle rated at 26,000 lbs GVW, is available as a straight truck and is configured for non-CDL operation. The Class 7 T370 offers a GVW range from 26,001 to 66,000 lbs as a straight truck or tractor and is a multi-dimensional performer to suit almost any vocation.