One Step GPS

One Step GPS adds new features to dual-facing dashcams

Nov. 22, 2023
The fleet tracking and management solutions provider now includes livestreaming and history review capabilities on their dual-facing dashcams.

One Step GPS, a fleet tracking and management solutions provider, added new features to their dual-facing dashcams, including livestreaming capabilities and history review.

The cameras offer video, audio, and GPS tracking that monitor both the road and the cabin with a 1080p and 720p camera respectively. The new livestreaming and history review feature offers 720p streaming on-demand to explore vehicle incidents and investigate driver behavior, which supplements the dashcams’ real-time alerts for speeding and aggressive driving. Meanwhile, the cameras include 16 GB of internal storage with additional storage on a 256 GB MicroSD card.

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Each camera also includes access to GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, and temperature sensors, while the road-facing camera offers 140 degrees of visibility, and the cabin-facing one 130 degrees as well as infrared night vision. For greater vehicle data access, the dashcams connect to the CanBus J1979 and J1939.


Additionally, the dashcams work as a heads-up display for drivers, offering their current and posted speed, fuel level, and more, while active cooling and anti-tamper features protect the vehicle battery while still ensuring the cameras are always recording while the vehicle is in use, whether moving or parked.