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Cummins reveals X10 fuel-agnostic engine for 2026

Feb. 15, 2023
The fuel-agnostic internal combustion engine will replace its current X engine lineup to meet the EPA's 2027 emissions regulations.

Cummins will launch the X10, the next in its fuel-agnostic X engine family, in North America in 2026. The engine manufacturer stated the X10 will comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2027 regulations a year early and will replace the company’s L9 and X12 to handle medium- and heavy-duty applications.

The new 10-liter displacement engine will serve vocational, transit, pickup and delivery, and regional haul applications, Cummins stated in a press release.

“We are committed to advancing diesel technology while our markets and our customers need it to run their businesses. The new X10 has been designed drawing on our decades of experience as a leader in the medium- and heavy-duty space,” said José Samperio, executive director of North America on-highway at Cummins.

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Though the X10 can use natural gas and hydrogen, Cummins stated that diesel will remain a critical technology for the commercial vehicle market for years to come, and the company will continue to support it. The X10 will first be available in Europe and North America, and will be introduced in other regions over time.

The X10 architecture uses a belt-driven, high output 48-volt alternator and aftertreatment heater solution optimized for increasingly stringent emission standards. For further reductions in carbon emissions, customers may choose to use B20 or renewable diesel. The new X10 diesel will emit 75% less NOx emissions than required at launch in 2026. It will be compliant to the U.S. EPA’s 2027 regulations while providing a step change in fuel economy improvement, according to the release.

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The engine can be paired with a variety of transmissions depending on the application, including the Eaton Cummins Endurant, to enable additional drivability benefits and efficiency gains. The engine is equipped with Cummins' engine computing model Acumen, which provides digital connectivity and direct access to a range of applications and capabilities. These capabilities include over-the-air calibration, predictive service recommendations, and more, according to the release.

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