Eaton Cummins

Eaton Cummins Endurant XD available for Mexican Kenworth models

Eaton Cummins' Endurant XD series transmission, which can pair with the Cummins X15 engine on certain Kenworth models, is now available in Mexico and Latin America.
Nikola FCEV fueling up
Emissions & Efficiency

Nikola commercial launch proves hydrogen trucks no longer a joke

Sept. 29, 2023
With the commercial rollout of the Nikola Tre Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, the viability of hydrogen-powered trucks moves closer to a reality.
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Emissions & Efficiency

Breath of fresh air: Majority of trucks on road use clean diesel engine

July 11, 2023
According to the Diesel Technology Forum, 57% of Classes 3-8 trucks have 2010 or later aftertreatment systems. And the technology keeps getting better, showing the fuel source...
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California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote in a statement: 'California has shown the world what real climate action looks like, and we're raising the bar yet again. Today, truck manufacturers join our urgent efforts to slash air pollution, showing the rest of the country that we can both cut dangerous pollution and build the economy of the future.'
Emissions & Efficiency

California, engine manufacturers enter Clean Truck Partnership to meet emissions goals

July 10, 2023
The California Air Resources Board has entered an agreement for the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association and major OEMs to meet the regulatory agency's emissions requirements...
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Fluids & Chemicals

Simplifying engine oil sampling

May 22, 2023
How fleets can take preventive maintenance up a notch with the right oil sampling tools and techniques.