NACFE 2014 Study Report FINAL 083114 PG1 54885917431a5

2014 fleet fuel efficiency benchmark study

Dec. 10, 2014

This report compares the results of a deep-dive investigation with 10 major North American fleets concerning their adoption of various products and practices for improving fuel efficiency. It identifies benchmark competencies of the companies in many different subject areas. This in-depth study is the second annual update of the 2011 inaugural study that has been called “The most comprehensive study of Class 8 fuel efficiency adoption ever conducted” (Truck News, 2012). Last year’s study included 10 fleets. This year one fleet chose to no longer participate, but its data remains for years 2003 through 2012. Additionally, a new fleet’s data is included: Paper Transport. This information could prove invaluable in your efforts to improve the fuel economy in your company’s fleet or in developing and delivering products for the marketplace.