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Fleet DPF maintenance awareness study

Sept. 27, 2019
Understanding how DPFs operate, the duty-cycle impacts, and the proper cleaning schedules can positively impact a fleet's bottom line.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) play a vital role in the overall performance and reliability of a truck and should be a priority for every fleet. Understanding how it operates, duty-cycle impacts, and proper cleaning schedules can positively impact the bottom line.

Some of the biggest takeaways gleaned from the 2018 DPF Maintenance Survey include:

  • Of the fleet managers and maintenance management personnel surveyed over 75 percent did not know how much they were spending annually to clean or replace DPFs
  • When asked if maintenance plans are in place, 62 percent responded yes
  • However, more than 40 percent of respondents indicate they do not have preventative measures in place to prevent DPF issues

Over the next few pages, we provide a general overview of the type of fleets that were surveyed and offer some data points to compare your own fleet processes and procedures. 

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