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John Dunn, Vanair strategic manager for underdeck and utility, highlights the features, benefits, and applications of its new PTO-driven underdeck power system during Work Truck Week 2024 in Indianapolis.

Vanair's new power system increases capacity and efficiency

March 18, 2024
The underdeck all-in-one power system features an air compressor, generator, welder, battery charger, and more in a single unit.

INDIANAPOLIS—Vanair unveiled a new power system that increases payload capacity, and highlighted a recent acquisition that delivers fleet fuel and maintenance cost savings during NTEA’s Work Truck Week 2024.

The Indiana-headquartered, mobile power solutions provider’s “groundbreaking” PTO-driven underdeck all-in-one power system includes an air compressor, generator, welder, battery charger, battery jump starter, and hydraulic power unit—all in one 550-lb. assembly mounted under the truck body. “It provides thousands of pounds of weight savings over the up to four machines it would replace, that typically would be mounted in either the load area or on top of the compartment space,” John Dunn, Vanair strategic manager for underdeck and utility, said during a March 7 news conference at the Indiana Convention Center.

Vanair’s new jobsite solution bundles big power inside a small package, while its January acquisition of Grip Idle Management, and its auto star-stop, idle-reducing technology, boosts work truck efficiency and sustainability. “This particular acquisition allowed Vanair to acquire patented technology that further enhances our [ability] to extend vehicle life, reduce fuel costs, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce CO2 emissions in the work truck market,” said Dean Stratham, Vanair vice president of sales.

Space-saving utility

The company’s new PTO shaft-driven, multi-function system also features a new Sansgear hydraulic drive with two heavy-duty pullies, a heavy-duty cog belt, and precision bearings shrouded in a durable mud shield mounted to the rotary screw air compressor. The drive weighs half as much as its predecessor gearbox, is quieter, and provides 45% more power, unlocking 112 ft.-lbs. of torque and up to 30 gpm at 2,000 psi of working power, Dunn said. “That’s a tremendous amount of hydraulic power,” he attested.

The oil-flooded compressor creates 125-185 cfm of air power, the generator delivers 10 kW of AC electric power at 120- or 240-volt outputs, the welder provides 330 amps of weld capability for stick welders—with optional remote foot pedal control—and the system’s 12- and 24-volt battery charging and engine jump-starting capability is upgradable to optional 36- and 48-volt power, Dunn explained.

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“This is all one component,” he emphasized.

The system also includes a control panel that mounts in the vehicle’s rear or side, “making it easy for the operator to access the welder controls, generator controls, welder plug-in leads, and outlets,” Dunn added.

Unmatched benefits

Benefits include the ability to free up extra bed space for tools and materials, enhance maneuverability, reduce maintenance requirements, free vehicle hitches, and save more than 2,000 lbs., Vanair reported. The all-in-one underdeck power system is designed for multiple markets, including utility, mining, oil and gas, and infrastructure work; and will be of particular interest to van upfitters, Dunn said. “You can get power solutions, but you don’t have to deal with exhaust or heat you typically have to deal with when trying to mount these machines in an enclosed-body application,” he said.

The system, priced at just under $30,000 installed, is available for delivery in July, Dunn said.

Driven underdeck power systems include the FailSafe dual sensory redundancy system as a standard feature. It guarantees an uninterrupted power supply by “seamlessly” switching to the backup unit in the event of a thermistor or transducer sensor failure. Furthermore, professionals can opt for the optional ThermalGuard weather protection kit, a patented design that preheats the compressor oil and regulators using the vehicle’s warm engine coolant. The feature prevents oil starvation and freeze-ups during frigid conditions, further enhancing the overall system’s performance and reliability, Vanair said.

“We take great pride in offering unmatched cost savings and performance with our UltraLife air/oil separator element,” Dunn added in a news release. “This innovative element sets new industry standards with its extended lifespan of 6,000 hours, delivering up to six times more separator life compared to other units.”

Efficiency expansion

Grip Idle Management’s “cutting-edge” technology in idle management systems is designed to minimize fuel consumption, reduce engine hours, decrease emissions, and optimize overall fleet performance, Vanair said. The technology integrates with Vanair’s EPEQ idle management in a “dynamic fusion” that unites the best of both systems, creating a seamless offering that sets a new technology standard.

“The Grip Idle Management acquisition is a significant milestone for Vanair, reinforcing our dedication to driving innovation in mobile power solutions,” Greg Kokot, Vanair president, said in a news release.

“This strategic move not only expands our technological expertise but also underscores our commitment to delivering even greater value to our customers.”

Key advancements resulting from the acquisition, according to Vanair, include:

  • Enhanced product portfolio: Vanair will integrate Grip Idle Management’s advanced idle reduction systems into its comprehensive range of vehicle solutions, offering customers a broader array of innovative products and features to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.
  • Expanded technological capabilities: The integration of Grip’s advanced idle management technology will enhance the existing features of Vanair’s EPEQ IM cab comfort climate control systems, ensuring operator comfort while reducing fuel consumption, engine hours, and emissions.
  • Telematics integration: Seamless communication between vehicles and central operations streamlines optimized fleet management.

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