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Fuel savings

July 7, 2016

From Overdrive: Diesel prices climbed back above $2.40 a gallon during the week ending June 6, according to the Department of Energy’s weekly report. The average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel in the U.S. is now $2.407, a 2.5 cent increase over the previous week’s price. The most significant increase came in the Lower Atlantic region, where prices increased 4.1 cents. The nation’s most expensive diesel can still be found in California at $2.746 per gallon, followed by the West Coast less California region at $2.60 per gallon.

From Digital Supply Chain: Just 3 percent of fleet managers in Europe’s two biggest truck markets, France and Germany, have ever changed brands to get better fuel efficiency – and in Europe’s ‘big five’ markets only 13 percent have ever done so, according to a GiPA survey of small and medium enterprises.