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Maintenance influencers to follow on social media

Aug. 4, 2022
A roundup of insightful and informative social media voices that can help heavy-duty vehicle technicians do their job even better.

How do you use social media? Marketing your business? Networking? A source of entertainment or news? It can be all those and more—but one of the lesser-granted perceptions is the educational quality available across social platforms. Below is a list of some great personalities and sources of information for fleet maintenance managers and technicians alike. From podcasts to YouTube channels and beyond, adding some of these voices to your social feeds can provide some valuable insight in how to do your job even better.

Jamie Irvine | The Heavy-Duty Parts Report

Jamie Irvine hosts The Heavy-Duty Parts Report podcast. Irvine and his guests provide heavy-duty parts technicians, repair technicians, and fleet maintenance managers with expert advice about heavy-duty parts, tools, and technology that save fleets money. Tune in for a weekly interview with heavy-duty parts specialists and industry experts who give advice on how to sell parts that lower cost-per-mile for trucking fleets.

Heavy-Duty Parts Report is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. Check out HeavyDutyPartsReport.com to access episodes and information, as well as the show’s YouTube channel, LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter feed—whatever your media ingestion preference, The HDPR is available.

Working Class Garage

Check out the Working Class Garage YouTube channel and Instagram feed for a great mix of insights on fleet maintenance and the tools used to get the job done. A favorite video of mine is a walk-through on how to set up a rolling cart for the shop!

Rustbelt Mechanic

Rustbelt Mechanic has a YouTube channel and Instagram feed that provide excellent, in-depth tool reviews for all sorts of tools and equipment required for the diesel and heavy-duty technician. Plus, the channel touches on a range of mechanic-related topics to help inform rookies and veterans alike (such as how to ask for more money as a mechanic, diagnostic tips, and more!)

Shop Tool Reviews

Shop Tool Reviews: The title says it all. Visit ShopToolReviews.com, their YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram and Twitter feeds for a wide range of tooling and equipment reviews, tips and tricks, and useful information. Though the scope spans beyond just automotive tools and equipment, there is plenty of focus on everyday equipment a shop tech could have in their hands.

How to Automotive

Brian Eslick has been a professional automotive tech for over 25 years—and that knowledge and expertise shines through on HowtoAutomotive.com, the brand’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram feed. Expect to find in-depth coverage of diagnostic and repair procedures, as well as reviews of the latest tools and equipment.


Not so much heavy-duty fleet-focused, HumbleMechanic is still a must-follow on social platforms. With content across multiple YouTube channels, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—followers can expect a range of topics and information covered (with some great tool reviews!).

Flat Rate Master

Flat Rate Master—a channel dedicated to providing tips, tricks, and valuable insight to automotive technicians. The YouTube channel is a trove of information, covering shop management, tool reviews, case studies, technical basics, and more. A great source for all-things auto-tech.

Is one of your favorite maintenance influencers missing from this list? Let us know who you follow for insights into fleet maintenance!