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Tool review: Iso-Tip 7700 Quick Charge Replaceable Soldering Iron

March 1, 2012
Quick charging times, easy tip replacement and ample illumination are at the top of this reviewer's list.

The Iso-Tip 7700 Quick Charge Rechargeable Soldering Iron offers convenient cordless operation complete with charging base. Reaching a high temperature of 900 degrees F in 10 seconds, this soldering iron works on up to 125 solder joints per charge. An isolated ceramic tip protects against component damage from electrical leakage, and a lighted tip illuminates work area. Twenty tips available to meet all soldering needs.

The review

Lou Fort, owner of K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, tested these rechargeable soldering irons.

"I have never had a soldering iron go from stone cold to soldering a connection in under a minute ever, until now."

Lou found the standard tips suited him fine, but he was even more impressed by the high-efficiency tips, and how quickly they heated.

"When I tried out the high-efficiency tip it felt like I was soldering at close to light speed," says Lou. "I can’t help but say  ‘Man this thing gets hot, fast!"

Other features Lou really appreciated: the ease with which he could switch the soldering tips without any additional tools, and having a built-in lamp that was bright enough to provide ample illumination while he was soldering.

As far as improvements for the tool, Lou found the 'lock' switch moved a bit too easily, concerning him about accidently rotating the switch out of the 'lock' position. He also thought a safety cover to protect the soldering tip might help better protect users. 

Lou mentioned last year, he was afraid to purchase a soldering iron to replace his benchtop soldering station. Now if he was faced with the same decision after using this soldering iron, he says he’d purchase the Iso-Tip Soldering Iron immediately.

"If anything ever happened to my 7700 I would drop everything and get a replacement headed my way pronto."