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Tool review: CanDo HD Pro Tab

Feb. 6, 2020
The reviewer found that this bidirectional scan tool’s feature set and versatility make it a solid value proposition for his shop.

One challenge that many shops servicing heavy duty vehicles and equipment face is the array of equipment they work with. When it comes to diagnosing an issue, this can mean purchasing tools and information from multiple OEMs that can only be used with one particular manufacturer’s products – or taking the vehicle to a dealership for service.

According to Jose Mora, shop superintendent, PW, Fleet Management Division for the County of Los Angeles Public Works, the CanDo HD Pro Tab saves his shop time by eliminating that challenge. The HD Pro Tab provides coverage for multiple manufacturers, allowing Mora and his technicians to diagnose the vehicles they’re responsible for without OEM intervention.

Mora’s shop works on a variety of equipment from manufacturers such as Cummins, Ford, Freightliner, John Deere, Caterpillar, Doosan, and Allison. They use the bidirectional scan tool for tasks such as diagnosing malfunction indicator lamps, performing diesel particulate filter regenerations, and resetting maintenance lights.

“Before acquiring the scan tool, we were limited [in our] diagnostics information due to [working on] several different brands of equipment,” Mora says. “Having the CanDo has eliminated the need to transport some of the equipment to designated dealerships.”

The HD Pro Tab arrived in a molded case, which Mora notes is “very useful” when using the scan tool in the field. It also included all necessary data link connectors, and came with a “simple, step-by-step manual,” though Mora says the HD Pro Tab’s intuitive user interface made it unnecessary.

This scan tool’s ease of use far exceeds any of the OEM diagnostics Mora has used in the past, and the advanced feature set adds to the product’s value in his eyes.

“The large icons and easy-to-follow on-screen selections make it a breeze to use, unlike the OE software of some laptop-based diagnostics,” Mora says. “In my 29 years of experience, I’ve come across scan tools with half of the features of the CanDo [product] that [sell] for more than double the price.”

Some of Mora’s favorite features of the HD Pro Tab are the bidirectional controls, the graphing feature, and the fact that it is quick and responsive with minimal to no lag time compared to some other tablets.

Mora says this scan tool is close to perfection, in his opinion. Its ease of use, ability to work with multiple vehicle OEs, and extensive features make it ideal for his shop’s line of work.

“The large screen, fast processor, and rugged construction make [the HD Pro Tab] perfect for shop environments,” he says.

About the Author

David Brierley | Editor | Fleet Maintenance

David Brierley is a former editor of Fleet Maintenance magazine.

Brierley’s education and career have been based in the publishing industry. He is an award-winning writer and comes from a background in automotive, trucking, and heavy equipment. Brierley joined the Endeavor Business Media vehicle repair group in 2017 as managing editor for Fleet Maintenance, PTEN, and Professional Distributor magazines, as well as In his current role, he writes for and oversees production of Fleet Maintenance magazine. He has worked in the publishing industry since 2011.

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