The Autel MaxiTPMS TS508. According to Autel, the TS508 can activate all known TPMS sensors, as well as read sensor status, program sensors, and perform relearns.

TPMS service tools

Oct. 31, 2022
Handheld TPMS readers offer an efficient and effective tooling option for diagnosing, programing, and servicing vehicles’ TPMS sensors.

Fleets who invest in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) will also need to acquire TPMS readers, which are handheld devices that pull data and help ensure your investment is working like it should. After all, sensors can fail on occasion and the batteries don’t last forever, and fleets need to be ready to repair and replace them.

“TPMS tools decode the sensor data such as ID, pressure, frequency, battery status, and accelerometer,” said Danijela Haskin, product manager at Bosch. “They also activate recognized OEM and universal TPMS sensors when sensors are replaced.”

TPMS readers also include the ability to diagnose, test, repair, and reprogram vehicles’ TPMS components.

Full capabilities vary from brand to brand, so check out some of the latest TPMS readers below to help you decide which is best for your operations.

ST-1 TPMS Tool | Schrader TPMS Solutions

The ST-1 TPMS Tool from Schrader TPMS Solutions features EZ-sensor programming and an ID-Sync function for matching scanned IDs to vehicle ECU IDs. The tool displays all sensor data (pressure, battery, temperature, ID, frequency) and indicates OE sensor and service kit part numbers. In addition, it provides TPMS ECU relearn procedures and retrieves and decodes TPMS DTC information. The TPMS tool has a 2.8" LCD screen, protective rubber sleeve, is Wi-Fi capable, and comes with a quick-connect cable and carrying case.

VT Truck 2.0 |ATEQ

The ATEQVT Truck 2.0 is designed for the maintenance of commercial trucks and buses. It can easily read sensors, even in twin wheels, and can manage up to 22 wheels. The tool is compatible with most truck and bus TPMS sensors and can be frequently updated with new heavy transport vehicles as soon as they are introduced. The VT Truck 2.0 features a built-in vehicle configuration system and has OBD-II capability for on-board diagnostics, aftermarket programmable sensor support, Wi-Fi and real-time updates, and it displays all TPMS information on one screen.

TPA 300 TPMS Tool | Bosch Diagnostics

The BoschTPA 300 TPMS Tool is a comprehensive TPMS tool designed for sensor programming, activation, and ECU reset, including checking remote keyless entry signal. The full-color, intuitive interface guides the user when replacing and servicing TPMS sensors. The TPA 300 supports all known OE and aftermarket programmable sensors for all light vehicles. Frequent updates allow new features, vehicles, and sensor coverage to be added regularly.

HD TPMS | CanDo International

The HD TPMS from CanDo International is an activation tool with functionalities designed for the maintenance of trucks and buses. The unit reads sensors for psi, temperature, sensor ID, and battery status. It works for twin wheels and is able to manage up to 22 wheels. The tool is compatible with today’s leading truck and bus TPMS sensors and can be updated with new heavy transport vehicles as soon as they are introduced, the company said.

Autodiagnos TPMS D | Continental

The ContinentalAutodiagnos TPMS D is designed to read and diagnose all OE and 20 aftermarket TPMS sensor brands on the market, helping shops optimize their investment in TPMS and tire service. It can also perform relearns on 98.6% of all domestic, European, and Asian TPMS-compliant vehicles. The tool can read and clear TPMS codes, has a built in VIN scanner for faster make/model/year lookups, and can program sensors from historical data. It also features easy-to-use software, connects to Wi-Fi for software updates and downloads of the latest vehicle applications, and can be easily read in direct sunlight.

X-431 TSGUN | Launch Tech

The Launch TechX-431 TSGUN is designed to work with X-431 scan tools to expand TPMS functions for X-431 users. It can instantly read tire pressure, tire temperature, and battery status. The X-431 TSGUN can activate and match all 315MHz or 433MHz sensors as well as read, copy, and write the sensor ID quickly and easily. Users can also reprogram Launch sensors unlimitedly with a built-in tire pressure learning instruction.
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