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Noregon combats tech shortage with TaaS remote support

May 23, 2023
As the technician shortage dilemma remains, TaaS remote support brings the expertise of JPRO and ASE-Certified professionals right into the bay.

Vehicle data company Noregon has answered the labor shortage with their remote support system, Technician as a Service, or TaaS, providing shops with online access to a team of JPRO and ASE-Certified technicians.

While some shops might forge ahead in their endeavor to hire more techs, Jason Hedman, product manager at Noregon,  said their service aims to equip shops’ small crews with the know-how to take on more jobs.

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“Services like TaaS help combat the technician shortage by empowering fewer technicians to handle more work,” Hedman said. “Rather than constantly pulling away an experienced colleague or spending time researching the issue, techs can call into our service and work through the problem with a master mechanic.”

Hedman said that one benefit of the service is the ongoing training their team receives.

“We make sure (their) certifications stay up to date and that our team is prepared to handle issues on even the newest vehicles,” he said. “This is especially helpful as we see major technological shifts, such as the proliferation of electric vehicles.”

The monthly subscription is also available in bundles that include the software, a Panasonic Toughbook laptop, cables, and a carrying case.

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