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Platform Science and Uptake partner on predictive maintenance

July 28, 2023
As the newest addition to Platform Science's Virtual Vehicle platform, Uptake’s data analytics will help keep drivers safely on the road and prevent unplanned roadside breakdowns.

Platform Science and Uptake have partnered to extend data-driven insights and predictive maintenance capabilities to fleets.

Platform Science’s Virtual Vehicle platform offers workflow, navigation, telematics, and a range of other solutions to fleets. Now, it is adding Uptake’s predictive analytics to the safety and maintenance category of its growing ecosystem of third-party applications, according to a press release.

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“When fleet managers tell us they want new capabilities for optimizing and streamlining their business, we find the best-in-class solution,” said Joe Jumayao, VP of business development at Platform Science. “Fleet managers don’t want to lose time waiting on parts and repairs. They want to keep trucks rolling and deliveries arriving on time. Uptake will help them do that.”

Fleets using Uptake via the Virtual Vehicle platform will be equipped with real-time and historical data to better inform maintenance strategies and predict vehicle needs. These insights can be used to maximize mechanics’ time, improve labor effectiveness, and streamline operations. Users will also get improved visibility into the condition of their vehicles.

“We are thrilled to partner with the leader in connected vehicles and join the ecosystem that puts the most vital information right at the fingertips of fleet managers,” said Kayne Grau, CEO of Uptake. “This partnership comes during peak season for fleets, when drivers and technicians are often at their busiest. We’re excited to extend our capabilities to Platform Science’s large network for a meaningful impact on the efficiency of the transportation industry.”

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