Motive to integrate dashcam data into Platform Science Marketplace

May 18, 2023
Platform Science users will be more easily able to access Motive dashcam data and avoid data fragmentation, according to statements issued by the two companies.

Platform Science and Motive are partnering to integrate Motive’s AI-enabled dashcam into Platform Science’s telematics, allowing their customers easier access to safety data.

This collaboration brings Motive’s AI-powered dashcam solution to the Platform Science Marketplace with an integration made to eliminate data fragmentation and disruption caused by switching between solutions, according to a Platform Science press release.

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All unsafe driving events captured by Motive’s AI dashcam are uploaded in HD video to the cloud seconds after they occur and stored for up to 104 hours. It can recall video for any specific location or vehicle in a fleet during that time for carriers to have a clearer picture of what’s happening on the road. By utilizing this data, fleets can gain visibility into their operations, prevent accidents, and create safer outcomes, according to joint statements released by the two companies.

“Improving how the trucking industry operates isn’t the purview of a single company or sector. It’s about the wider ecosystem developing solutions that drive it forward,” said Drew Quinlan, vice president of business development at Motive. “Our integration with Platform Science means carriers can use more high-quality data to create better outcomes for the whole industry and the wider supply chain.”

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