Noregon enhances JPRO Technician as a Service and Fault Guidance features

March 19, 2024
The Q1 2024 JPRO update includes user experience enhancements to the Technician as a Service and Fault Guidance features.

Noregon has released a major update to enable more efficient troubleshooting using  JPRO, the company’s diagnostic and troubleshooting application for commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment. The update increases the user experience for the Technician as a Service add-on option that provides guidance from a remote master technician when needed, as well as Fault Guidance feature, which provides troubleshooting steps and wiring diagrams. The update can be done at no cost by following prompts from the software.

“We’ve tightened integration with our TaaS service to make it easier for those customers to quickly get world-class support while making it more intuitive to access Fault Guidance by adding access directly from the fault grid on JPRO’s main screen,” said Jason Hedman, Noregon Product Manager.

Noregon also added that users will benefit from a substantial list of new bi-directional tests, both for on and off-highway assets. These bi-directional commands include cylinder cutouts, forced DPF regens, aftertreatment injector tests, and much more.

Off-highway additions include major manufacturers including Kubota and Komatsu. On-highway tests were added for Paccar, Detroit Diesel, and others.

Hedman said because JPRO customers often own or service mixed-use fleets, the company wanted to make sure they could service all of their assets without adding more tools or subscriptions.

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