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eTechnician enhanced by including Mitchell 1 Repair-Connect diagnostic information

July 8, 2024
Combination streamlines diagnostic and repair process

It’s easy to understand why commercial vehicle repair technicians place high value on eTechnicianTM, a PC-based diagnostic tool from NEXIQ Technologies®. Plain and simple, it helps them get the job done fast by maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of the vehicle diagnostic phase.

Repair technicians count on eTechnician to quickly deliver critical diagnostic capability for engines, transmissions, brakes, body and chassis, and more. But it doesn’t end there. An eTechnician subscription now includes Mitchell 1®’s Repair-Connect diagnostic information to provide technicians with a more powerful diagnostic resource—one that helps them achieve even faster diagnosis and repair on a wide range of commercial vehicles.

To help repair technicians and fleet managers better understand the benefits of this collaboration, Dave Shock, product manager, Snap-on® Business Solutions/NEXIQ Technologies, has provided answers to the questions he has been asked most frequently during the development phase.

What motivated the decision to bring these two powerful diagnostic solutions together?

Simplicity for the service technician. Rather than searching multiple applications for the information they need, technicians want to have everything right at their fingertips. The idea is to streamline and minimize the diagnostic process. And I think we help techs accomplish this. Keep in mind that success in the commercial transport industry is largely dependent on a fleet’s ability to minimize vehicle downtime. This puts pressure on the service tech, who finds speed in simplicity.

What does Mitchell 1’s Repair-Connect bring to the table?

eTechnician users gain immediate access to Repair-Connect’s engine fault code testing and repair procedures for all makes of Classes 4–8 commercial trucks. Repair-Connect provides fault code diagnostics, wiring diagrams, specifications, component locations, connector views, test steps and removal and installation procedures.

What is eTechnician’s strong suit?

The range of vehicles eTechnician supports is impressive. But I think the diagnostic tool’s greatest feature is its ability to provide unprecedented bi-directional support, including changeable parameters and thousands of special tests such as DPF Regen, Injector Cutout, and SCR performance/system testing, to name a few. It’s also important to note that eTechnician provides tests designed to help the technician get vehicles out of derate.

Another great feature of eTechnician is the ability to generate cloud-based, fleet-wide vehicle history reports that provide shops with access to data for every diagnostic session for every vehicle serviced using the tool, regardless of location. Reports include special test results, component details, technician notes, recordings, and life/trip data.

And users get the best of both worlds in a single eTechnician subscription?

Exactly. Users can seamlessly navigate from one information source to the other through the eTechnician diagnostic tool, eliminating the need to toggle between two software programs. This enables technicians to access information available from the vehicle through eTechnician, including diagnostic trouble codes, input data from sensors, and output data for components including fuel injectors and cooling fans.

As techs proceed down the diagnostic path, they can rely on Repair-Connect to provide information about the vehicle, including component locations, using high-quality photos, connector details, and specific component tests. Also included are easy-to-navigate, simplified wiring diagrams that focus on components relevant to a specific diagnosis.

With the combined suite of information eTechnician now delivers, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a more streamlined, efficient solution to accurately diagnose and repair commercial vehicles. I’m confident technicians across all skill levels will be impressed.

Does NEXIQ offer a free trial for repair operations interested in taking eTechnician for a test drive?

Absolutely. Repair operations can take advantage of a 14-day free trial by visiting

To learn more about eTechnician, please visit the eTechnician product page.

About the NEXIQ Technologies Brand: For more than 35 years, NEXIQ Technologies has been a leading provider of diagnostic products and information management solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. With extensive intellectual property ownership and diagnostics expertise, NEXIQ is uniquely qualified to deliver innovative diagnostic solutions to leading truck companies, automotive and component OEMs, fleet operators, truck leasing companies, and dealer service centers.

About Mitchell 1: As a member of the Snap-on TOTAL SHOP SOLUTIONS brand family, Mitchell 1 has been a leading provider of repair information solutions to the motor vehicle industry for more than 100 years. Mitchell 1 offers a complete line of integrated repair software and services, including vehicle repair information, business management and shop marketing services, to help commercial truck and automotive professionals improve productivity and profitability. For the commercial truck segment, TruckSeries software provides information required to estimate labor times, diagnose and repair all makes of Class 4-8 trucks.

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