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Tool Review: Kano Laboratories Kroil and AeroKroil

June 15, 2017
The reviewer describes these penetrating lubricants as “substantially effective” at dealing with sticking, rusted parts.

Kano Laboratories Aero Kroil penetrating lubricant loosens frozen metal parts - including rusted nuts and bolts - by producing a molecular affinity to metal, which gives Kroil the ability to propel itself into millionth inch spaces. Since not all frozen parts are caused by corrosion, additional research has provided for the inclusion of other molecular properties assuring that the final molecular architecture of this lubricant would also be capable of loosening frozen metal parts when other factors such as compression are more responsible for the problem. These properties enable Kroil to break the bonds of rust or loosen over-torqued parts to free frozen metal parts.

The review

Dealing with rusty, corroded or frozen metal vehicle parts can be a frustrating and unwelcome task for technicians. As a result, finding a product that loosen them and make them easier to work with can help both save valuable time and alleviate unwanted frustration.

Eric Moore, co-owner of Columbus, Ohio-based DeMary Truck, found a pair of offerings that were more than up for the task of addressing troublesome metal parts in the Kano Laboratories Kroil and AeroKroil (aerosol Kroil) lubricants.

“Being in the Rust Belt, penetrant is something we use lots of, and anything that works greater than another product gets bumped to the front of the line immediately,” says Moore. “The Kano Labs Kroil and AeroKroil were substantially effective at getting rusty parts moving quicker. In some cases, they did so almost immediately, all while using less product.”

Moore says he employed the Kroil and AeroKroil products for just about every type of job that required the loosening of sticking, rusted parts -- including using them to lubricate turbo linkages and pinch bolts for kingpins.

“In one specific instance, we had a seized injector in the cylinder head of a Mitsubishi Fuso FE truck,” he explains. “We tried using (other products), and it still wouldn’t budge. The tech decided to pour some Kroil in the tube and let is sit overnight. The next morning, the injector came right loose.”

AeroKroil proved quite effective at removing plugs from a 2000 Ford F150 with a 5.4L engine.

“Once he broke loose the plugs about a half-turn each, he sprayed AeroKroil into the bores and let it sit for about 20 minutes,” says Moore. “It not only lubricated the plugs, but it softened up the carbon on the plugs’ tips that causes them to seize or break. “

In addition to being effective, the Kroil and AeroKroil products were quite easy to use, according to Moore. The Kroil offering features a cone adapter to funnel the product where it’s needed, while the AeroKroil penetrant lubricant comes in a can with a straw for use in certain applications where pinpoint accuracy is necessary.

All any of the techs at DeMary Truck were required to do was open the can or remove the cap (on the AeroKroil) and, on occasion, prepare the area where the products were to be used. More often than not, however, Moore says they just directly applied the lubricant to the troublesome parts.

All in all, Moore says the fact that they were so effective made the Kano Laboratories Kroil and AeroKroil penetrating lubricants popular among the techs in his shop.

“We loved the stuff,” he adds.

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