Chevron offers new grease for heavy-duty applications

Feb. 5, 2024
The formula is designed to increase equipment longevity and provide an alternative to lithium-based thickeners, the company said.

Chevron's Rykon, a new overbased calcium sulfonate complex grease, has been added to the company's portfolio of lubrication products. 

The new grease is formulated for heavy-duty and extreme pressure applications and provides an alternative option to lithium-based thickeners, which have become widely expensive due to rising global demand. Rykon's formula also provides customers with a high-performance grease that increases uptime and helps enhance durability for the next generation of equipment, the company said.

“By introducing Rykon to our grease portfolio, we are offering a new solution for high-pressure applications and ensuring customers have a high-performance grease when they need it,” said Zach Sutton, Chevron Lubricants Industrial sector specialist. “As demand for raw materials grows, we remain committed to finding solutions like Rykon that will exceed the demands of machinery and equipment today and tomorrow.”

Chevron's other offerings include oils, fuel additives, and coolants.

Rykon is designed to help increase equipment longevity, extend lubrication intervals, and reduce the total cost of equipment ownership. The overbased calcium sulfonate complex grease delivers outstanding oxidation and thermal stability to protect equipment from failures and downtime. The company states that Rykon also meets the demands of high pressure and shock loads, providing wear protection under heavy loads and in high ambient temperatures.

In addition, Rykon will also feature the new grease branding and packaging, part of a recent brand refresh for Chevron’s grease portfolio announced in March 2023.