Radiator Rocket Coil & Line Cleaner, No. LT886

The Lock Technology Radiator Rocket Coil & Line Cleaner, No. LT886, is designed to clean cooling coils for radiators, transmission lines, oil and fuel lines, air-to-air aftercoolers, condensers, evaporators, fluid coolers, and more. The LT886 utilizes air pressure and a broom with a removable brush head for access to constrained spaces. The 4" air slot in the brush head puts out maximum air cleaning volume and pressure without damaging coils, lines, or fins. The LT886 can be configured in 3’, 2’, and 1’ lengths and is able to access 1” gaps with the brush, or 0.7” gaps without the brush. The brush head is always 90 degrees toward radiator fins for maximum cleaning efficiency and coil protection.