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TechForce Foundation, SkillsUSA partner on technician recruitment

May 24, 2024
The two non-profits aim to offer additional career resources and professional development opportunities to prospective technicians.

TechForce Foundation and SkillsUSA have entered into a strategic collaboration to address the ongoing technician shortage. SkillsUSA will introduce its members to the TechForce Foundation's career-building resources and encourage them to access the foundation's online career hub. In turn, TechForce Foundation will introduce its students to SkillsUSA membership for increased opportunities for professional development, education, student leadership, and more.

“This nonprofit-to-nonprofit collaboration showcases what can happen when two organizations work together for a common purpose,” said TechForce Foundation CEO Jennifer Maher. “Both organizations are committed to the outcome of a skilled, passionate workforce, so ensuring our communications channels cross-pollinate ensures our students, and industry, win. With TechForce having over $4 million in scholarships to award this year alone, and SkillsUSA being active in nearly 5,000 schools and over 21,000 classrooms nationwide, it’s a natural alliance that supercharges results for the next generation of skilled technicians.”

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For every graduate of a technical school, three job openings are waiting to be filled, according to TechForce's latest research. The collaboration between TechForce Foundation and SkillsUSA aims to increase the number of students enrolling in technical education and empower the next generation of graduates with expanded education and opportunities for professional growth.

"SkillsUSA is the #1 workforce development organization dedicated to students," said Chelle Travis, executive director of SkillsUSA. "Our organization stands ready to meet the growing need of connecting business and industry with skilled professionals. SkillsUSA’s vision is to produce the most highly skilled workforce in the world, providing every member the opportunity for career success. With partners like TechForce beside us, it is a true win-win for everyone -- students and the American economy alike."

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