Shifting Gears


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Emissions & Efficiency

Making the switch to propane autogas

A fleet owner’s guide to sustainability and savings
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Shifting Gears

Take your equipment the extra mile with the next generation of Cenex premium diesel

Jan. 9, 2023
The experts at Cenex help fleet operators continuously strive to optimize their diesel equipment’s engine performance and fuel economy while reducing downtime and maintenance ...
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Shifting Gears

Four fleet maintenance tips to minimize downtime

Nov. 4, 2022
A well-planned maintenance routine is critical to minimizing downtime. Explore these tips from Breanna Voss, senior marketing specialist at CHS Lubricants Marketing.
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Emissions & Efficiency

The connection between maintenance and fuel economy

Nov. 3, 2022
Diesel prices have shot back up, so make sure to maintain these components if you want to maximize your fuel efficiency.
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Shifting Gears

Understand liquid fueling options for your fleet

Oct. 18, 2022
Erin Wroge, senior product manager with CHS Refined Fuels Marketing discusses which diesel fuel is best suited for your fleet.