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MAHLE partners with Xirgo Technologies to provide TechPRO NanoKernel

Oct. 31, 2018
The new device provides enhanced vehicle data for telematics​​​​​.

MAHLE Service Solutions announced an agreement to provide Xirgo Technologies, a producer of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) communication devices, with a custom NanoKernel version of its TechPRO VDS 1000 diagnostic scan tool. The MAHLE TechPRO NanoKernel is embedded onboard a Xirgo telematics device to access and decode vehicle information.

When connected to the vehicle, the MAHLE TechPRO NanoKernel identifies the vehicle through a discover/activation process and passes vehicle information to the hardware memory. Once setup occurs, the MAHLE TechPRO NanoKernel will accept function requests to pull requested OBD and enhanced PIDs as needed and deliver the information to Xirgo’s device.

“We are excited to introduce our new NanoKernel device that is extremely small and built for memory resource constrained devices to support vehicle telematics,” said Rich Wolf, general manager, MAHLE Service Solutions North America. “The MAHLE TechPRO NanoKernel is able to run simplified, vehicle specific diagnostics, data and output controls all by taking advantage of MAHLE’s full diagnostic database. NanoKernel has the unique ability to pull this data without the need for an operating system on the device.”

Xirgo Technologies is known for its work with insurance providers, vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies and fleet management companies to provide plug-in monitoring devices. Joel Young, chief technology officer for Xirgo Technologies says the company faced the challenge of accessing and decoding proprietary information on its devices connected to light cars and trucks. Young says the collaboration with MAHLE allows Xirgo to access the dynamic information associated with vehicle PIDs like odometer, oil life remaining, TPMS (all five tires), driver seat belt, fuel level and more.

“The data information we needed could be accessed utilizing tedious and expensive reverse engineering processes,” Young said. “This is just not a viable or cost effective solution because our customers have an extensive and diverse pool of vehicles in operation. Xirgo’s device powered by MAHLE’s NanoKernel allows us to access an extensive database of vehicle data, with the latest and most up-to-date information in a timely manner.”

MAHLE Service Solutions plans to make its NanoKernel service available to other customers who are looking for a customized and flexible solution.

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