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2018 Tool and Shop Equipment Supplement

March 15, 2018
This exclusive supplement offers insight into tools and equipment that can help maintenance shops and technicians save time, improve work quality and boost productivity.

The top consideration when purchasing tools and equipment should be return on investment, because that covers all aspects of the tool purchase. Upfront cost, additional investments--its all about ROI.

As someone who oversees the maintenance operations of the shop, large equipment buys and higher price tag tools likely involve a fair amount of research before signing off on the purchase. 

In addition, its important to gather feedback from technicians, shop managers, service managers and other employees in the shop who will be using the products. The evaluation will involve comparison shopping to review all of the options available in that particular tool category. Not to mention, testimonials and user feedback can go a long way in making a sound decision. 

Return on investment is a key factor to consider. Evaluating the need and value of new products can be challenging, which is why it's crucial to stay up-to-date on new tools and equipment, along with changing vehicle technologies and how those changes will affect the vehicles of the future. 

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