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Bridgstone's Webfleet Solutions to hold virtual conference on future of mobility

April 5, 2022
The virtual Webfleet Mobility Conference on April 26 offers various experts from across the mobility landscape sharing best practices and technology on how to shape the fleet of tomorrow.

Webfleet Solutions, a telematics solutions provider and part of Bridgestone, presents the first global edition of the annual Webfleet Mobility Conference, which will be held virtually on April 26.

Under the theme ‘Mobility 2032: Are you ready?’ industry experts from across the fleet and mobility landscape will share their insights and best practices to equip fleet decision-makers and business leaders with knowledge, inspiration, and practical tools to design the fleet of tomorrow.

“Commercial mobility has evolved massively in the last ten years. In the coming ten years it will change beyond recognition,” said Jan-Maarten de Vries, CEO of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. “I am excited that we are joined by so many great partners, experts, and innovative thinkers to discuss the industry’s most pressing questions and jointly move the world towards a more sustainable future.”

To open the conference, Jan-Maarten de Vries will take a dynamic look at the rapidly changing world of mobility and the challenges fleets will need to overcome to thrive in this time of constant disruption.

The following keynote speeches will shine a light on the evolving mobility landscape from different angles:

Urban mobility in smart cities with Greg Lindsey

The future of urban mobility promises to be filled with scooters, stores, and drones seemingly with a mind of their own. These technologies are already transforming the way we see, understand, and get around cities. Greg Lindsay, an internationally known futurist and urbanist, will take a trip through the smart city as it will look in 2032 and explain how to get ready to do business in it.

Fleet, Personnel, and Roadside Safety for All with Tom Parbs

Road safety for all helps save the lives of men and women heroes that work on our roadways and serve our communities every day. Tom Parbs, sales director for HAAS Alert, has been in sales and leadership for the last 20 years, serving industries such as automobile, telematics, and now road safety and connected vehicles.

The truck of the future with Volta Trucks

From autonomous platooning to alternative fuels and everything in between, technology is changing the trucking sector. The team from Volta Trucks, a cutting-edge manufacturer, will reveal their innovative new electric commercial vehicles and how they differ radically from the traditional urban delivery vehicle.

Partnerships: The key that can unlock the full potential of mobility solutions

Experts from Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, project44, and EasyPark will discuss how data interconnectivity and integrations between Software-as-a-Service mobility providers will unlock the true, full potential of mobility across the coming decade and what it means for commercial fleets and suppliers.

The one-day virtual conference, which is free of charge, will be held simultaneously in 21 countries globally. Alongside the international presentations, local experts will tackle various mobility themes in more than 50 sessions including roundtable discussions, interviews, and best-practice presentations. The subject matter ranges from adding electric vehicles to commercial fleets to sustainable data solutions and new product integrations as well as country-specific advice on how to deal with existing and future legal requirements.

“This combination of sessions with a global scope from international experts and sessions with valuable insights tailored to each region makes the Webfleet Mobility Conference an event not to miss for any decision-maker in fleet management,” said Raj Bajaj, VP Webfleet Solutions International at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.

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