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RoadSync partners with Fullbay for easy heavy-duty repair payments

Nov. 7, 2022
Fullbay Payments allows users to integrate RoadSync’s fleet payment APIs with their established account, allowing them to accept and manage fleet checks and cards.

While the heavy-duty commercial market has continued to face supply chain problems and uncertain data, it is more critical than ever that shops are able to process payments quickly and efficiently. To help streamline these efforts for the back office,  RoadSync's fleet payment APIs have been embedded in Fullbay's  heavy-duty repair shop management platform. The program, entitled Fullbay Payments, allows shops to receive payments through their established account.

Specifically, this allows shops to:

  • Accept and manage fleet checks and cards
  • Verify funds, check a payment’s status, and their transaction history
  • Store credit cards and ACH accounts for future use
  • Manage credit card refunds and voids
  • Manage payment terminals

All of these features are supported for EFS, TCheck, and Comcheck.

“By powering fleet payments within partner platforms, we can serve customers conveniently within the solutions they use regularly and extend our reach,” RoadSync CEO Robin Gregg said.

For users to use a similar tactic of easily-accessible payments, they can access Fullbay Payments through the app. All they need to do is go to the ‘Integrations’ page and fill out an application, and within 1-2 days, if they’re approved, they’ll receive a credit card terminal linked to their Fullbay account. Then, once the terminal is connected to the shop’s WiFi, they’ll be able to accept credit card payments via insertion, tapping, swiping, or manual entry, and all their payments are automatically sent to QuickBooks.

“Fullbay is constantly innovating to provide the best solution for commercial maintenance operations and this partnership allows us to ensure fleet payment collection and processing is frictionless,” Fullbay CEO Patrick McKittrick said. "We see this as a big win for both organizations in terms of improving payment solutions for commercial repair shops.”

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