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Benefits of ContiConnect Live features; Gen II tire sensors

May 10, 2023
This cloud-based solution provides GPS asset tracking to improve fuel efficiency, extend tire life, reduce tire failure, cut labor costs, and more.

According to Continental, the ContiConnect Live cloud-based solutions can assist fleets in real-time, intelligent digital tire monitoring of all vehicles in the fleet, company stated. A major component is GPS asset tracking which includes a large swath of maintenance benefits, including:

  • increased fuel efficiency
  • extended tire life
  • reduced labor costs equated with manual tire inspections
  • detection of missing/stolen tires
  • reduced tire failure

The solution is best suited for long haul and regional applications and fleets that do not frequently return to a central location.

“At Continental, we believe that in the B2B space, we are shifting to a digitalization model where connected products and services are the key to fleet efficiency and profitability,” said Shaun Uys, head of Continental US Market Truck Tires Replacement. “Our intelligent digital solutions are the future of tire management and allow us to partner with the fleet and the tire dealer to adapt to specific customer needs and not an ‘off-the-shelf’ product.”

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To do this, Continental tire sensors collect data from inside the tires and forwards it to a telematics unit or Bluetooth dongle and driver app. The data is then transmitted to the ContiConnect web portal in real time, which the company said could be viewed on a computer or mobile device. The information can be used for truck and trailer monitoring or stand-alone trailer monitoring.

As well as collecting tire data, ContiConnect also provides GPS asset tracking for long haul and regional applications. The company stated that a further expansion is coming in fall 2023, the ContiConnect Live Stand-alone Trailer solution. This device will allow fleet managers to monitor unhooked trailer for up to a month, including their location, mileage estimation, tire pressure, and temperature data.

ContiConnect Live is also available with the company’s Gen II sensors, a brand-agnostic sensor which is mounted to the inner liner of the tire to provide true casing temperature data. Available from the factory in new tires, the sensor lasts approximately four years to minimize service disruptions and can monitor:

  • Pressure and temperature
  • Mileage estimation
  • Battery estimation
  • Bluetooth connectivity
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