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Castrol to re-refine used oil to make it like new

June 7, 2024
Castrol’s re-refined oil and lubricant products, collected from fleets by Safety-Kleen, are designed to improve companies' sustainability efforts and lowers their carbon footprint.

While electric vehicles and alternatively fueled powertrains are receiving most of the hype around ways to operate a more sustainable fleet, fleets can cut carbon emissions without shifting powertrains or even interrupting operations. One way is simply by changing to a low-carbon vehicle oil.

Castrol recently debuted a new line of products in collaboration with Safety-Kleen. The product line, MoreCircular, uses recycled base oils and then cleans, re-refines, and reformulates the oil to bring it up to the same quality standard as a virgin base oil, Andreas Osbar, Castrol Americas president and CEO, said. In this way, Castrol takes the oil refining process from linear—sending refined virgin oil to customers for them to discard after use—to a circular process. 

“We believe this is a great way for our customers to combine a low-carbon lubricant solution together with the high-quality lubrication solution that customers associate with Castrol,” Osbar said. 

The new lineup debuted in Las Vegas at the 2024 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, where commercial vehicle stakeholders met to find new ways to address the age-old problem of reducing the impact of engine emissions. As U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules get stricter over the decade, the industry will need every sustainabilty tool at their disposal.

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“Fleet customers are looking for ways to decarbonize their existing operations, and we recognize that the powertrain pathway for commercial vehicles is going to be diverse, and it's going to be...a little bit complicated,” Osbar said. “We believe, though, that a combustion engineirrespective of what kind of fuel it takeswill have a long pathway still in the U.S. And for these customers, we have now something that helps them to lower their Scope 3 emissions for the foreseeable future.”

Same quality, smaller footprint

One might find it hard to believe that recycled oil can offer the same quality as virgin oil, but Osbar explained that, because of Castrol’s re-refining process, it does.

Castrol is the first “major branded player in the U.S. lubricants industry” to offer a full portfolio of re-refined lubricants on a national scale, according to Osbar, and Castrol believes “the market is ready,” he said.

Castrol's MoreCircular lubricant portfolio offers a reduction of 20-40% Scope 3 carbon emissions compared to a virgin oil-based lubricant solution, according to Castrol’s internal and independent studies. Using recycled oil eliminates the need to process crude oil, which contributes to these reductions.  

Until now, customers have had to choose between a known, high-quality product made from virgin crude oil or choose a product with a lower carbon footprint. “Now, customers don't have to do that,” Osbar said. “They can have it all out of one hand.”

The Castrol MoreCircular portfolio includes motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and some transmission fluids, with a wider range of transmission fluid offerings to be available in the future. 

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